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Heating and
Gas Fitting Services
Winnipeg Gas Pro are experts in furnace and heating system replacement

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Air Conditioning Replacement
If you're looking to replace your air conditioning system, Winnipeg Gas Pro can help you

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Duct Cleaning
Get those dirty pipes and allergy causing heating systems,scrubbed and cleaned out.

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02 About Us

Winnipeg Gas Pro has over 23 years experience in the HVAC industry in both repair and replacement, also BBB accredited A+ rating which means you can trust that we will only offer high quality, guaranteed installation or repair for your heating or colling systems. We back that up with a satisfaction guarantee.

Furnaces, boilers, hot water tank, unit heaters, rooftop units, air conditioners, heat pumps, pool heaters, kitchen ranges, BBQ lines, or anything else with a gas connection. We do this 24/7 anywhere in Winnipeg and surrounding communities.


Winnipeg Gas Pro is a
Winnipeg Gas Pro are highly trained HVAC repair technicians, providing only the highest quality repair services to all makes and models of furnace and air conditioning equipment, focusing on trying to repair first and upsell last. We will always provide you with a detailed, well explained communication and educate you as to what is happening to your system, so you can make a better choice on how to treat your break down and whether to repair or replace. We ultimately believe in long-term customers who are happy to refer us to friends and family.

03 Testimonials

Great work and communication on a big job done at my house. Scott was extremely thorough in both explanation and workmanship. He stayed late into the night to make sure everything was completed and working properly. I really appreciated his attention to detail and that he wasn't rushing the job. Highly recommend Scott and company. All around great experience!”
These guys are awesome. I first used them 2 years ago when we had a steam boiler issue in the dead of winter, on the weekend. They came right out got it handled, and gave me some pointers on how to flush the system regularly to prevent sediment issues in the future. Fast forward to this winter, and a few of our steam radiators weren't working properly, old valves were stuck etc, and they came out again and got our old character building working properly again. Great service deserves a great review!”
Scott at Gas Pro is a real professional that fixed my furnace in no time at all. He stuck to his estimated price (a very reasonable price at that) and made sure I was completely satisfied with the job. I would not hesitate to call Gas Pro again and will definitely be recommending him to friends and family.”
Eric P

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24 7

We offer emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and service all of Winnipeg and surrounding communities and upfront pricing, specials and free estimates.

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06 Down to Business

Frequent Questions

At what temperature should I set my thermostat to save the most money?

Manage your thermostat settings to improve your home's comfort and to save energy and money. You can save 3 to 4% on heating costs during heating season by setting your thermostat at least 3°C lower for 8 hours a day. For even more control over your settings, upgrade to a Wi-Fi connected smart thermostat.



What is the difference between furnace and boiler heat?

The difference between a furnace and a boiler is that they operate in markedly different ways. A furnace heats air, and then a blower motor moves the warmed air through the home's duct system. On the other hand, a boiler heats water, which then flows through a network of pipes in the home.



How many years will my boiler or furnace last?

The average furnace life expectancy is 15 to 20 years. Boilers can last up to 30 years, letting a whole generation grow up in a house with the same heating system. But it isn't enough to simply know a boiler lasts longer.



How often does air conditioning need to be replaced?

Air conditioning units can last a surprisingly long time, but they can also break unexpectedly. You can expect to replace an AC unit every 10-15 years unless you experience problems with the unit. Be sure to keep up with maintenance and proper storage of the unit once the weather becomes cold.


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